If airports became the most emblematic representation of non-places, where one can experience everywhere the same grandiose architecture of being nowhere, we enthusiastically saw the occasion to challenge this fact and set new standards with the project to design the outdoor spaces of the Cam Ranh International Airport.

Invited to participate to the place-making festival :Playtime, we seized the chance to play with our city by making a temporary public space installation in an alleyway of the city’s central district. Inspired from the quotidian Ho Chi Minh city, where the perpetual improvement of streets relies more on people’s actions and ingenuity than on massive infrastructural mutations, our concept induced minimal design and physical changes to let spontaneous response happen.

Project awarded with the second prize in Orla Livre open competition celebrated in Brasilia (Brazil) on April 2018. The intervention area includes the complete 80 km waterfront of Lake Paranoa, historic artificial water body constructed in 1959, together with the implementation of the first urban plan of the city designed by Lucio Costa.  The proposal includes enhancing the natural and infrastructural condition of the lake, by developing a big scale riparian forest corridor connecting Brasilia Natural Park in the north with the natural river basin of Paranoa River in the south.

The Nhat Thong Eco-Farm project, a future park in District Nha Be of Ho Chi Minh City is above all a resilience project because it proposes 10 hectares of agriculture in the core of the recent urbanization of this area. But it is also a pedagogical project aimed at promoting the best of Vietnamese agriculture by developing and unmasking several types of crops.
Nhat Thong Eco-Farm, missing piece to find a vast area of nature in the south of this city, will bring a new dynamic and could also host workshops in agriculture, including a regular farmer’s market, fishing, and many other events.

Located in Phu Quoc Island, Sol Beach house is a four stars beach resort operated by Melia hotels. The 70 meters long infinity edge pool articulates the main landscape areas, making sure that everybody can enjoy a perfect spot where to be delighted by the island astonishing sunsets.