From concept development through construction planning and implementation, LJ-Asia is the force that drives creative ideas and transforms them into sustainable, inspiring outdoor spaces. Whether it's an urban park, seaside resort, public space or a residential compound, our landscapes reflect the user's needs and compliments the surrounding facility and natural environment.
Our Process
Project Insight
We understand the complicated and intensive process inherent to construction. That’s why we collaborate directly with architects, to ensure that the site’s exterior spaces enhance and complement the overall property vision. The outcome of this collaboration leads to unique, visually lush developments with a timeless quality.
Analyzing the Property
We carry out a comprehensive assessment of the site’s natural landscape and existing infrastructure and buildings to bring out sustainable plans that complement the site. Our innovative research into building materials and technologies paired with our knowledge of the site, so that our master plans will blend harmoniously with the development.
Transforming the development
We provide fully integrated Services that allows us to quickly create highly visual, scaled design concepts and subsequent refinements. Our detailed plans allow our partners to see a clear vision of how the landscape will enhance the overall site..
Delivering full construction plans.
As a standard practice, we provide construction drawings and continue on to authorship supervision. We are always mindful of the budget and the constructability of our projects and employ a variety of technologies to monitor these important
We offer a range of Landscape Architecture
services for projects of all sizes
Residential Compounds
Public Spaces
Mixed Use
Scope of service:
Master Plans
Land Use Plans
Site Plans
Site Analysis and Selection
Design Guidelines
Development Strategies
Our Clients